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Appalling cruelty of underwater factory farms  

Fish are intelligent, sentient beings. They explore, socialise, and have personalities. But each year, up to 1.2 billion individuals are farmed in the EU, most of whom are crammed for life in crowded underwater factory farms and killed in unimaginably cruel ways. 

Our latest and first-ever undercover investigation of trout farms in Poland revealed the nightmare many fish are living. These sensitive animals can feel joy, fear and pain, just like us. Yet our investigators saw them crammed into barren tanks, swimming in filthy waters, piled and crushed on top of each other in barrels and transported without water.  Investigators also witnessed fish being slaughtered in appalling ways, including having their eyeballs removed and being gutted or even packed in plastic bags while still alive.  

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Fish Investigation Footage

Shocking footage shows how weak EU legislation is and how much fish are suffering everyday!

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2. Fish Investigation Footage
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Man and lady holding Fish Legislation campaign banner outside Brussels EU Commission headquarters.

Tragically, these are not isolated cases. The majority of fish farmed in the EU are killed using inhumane methods and do not have their welfare well protected during rearing and handling.  

It is time to end this inescapable suffering that millions of fish are enduring all over the EU. 

We are demanding strong welfare legislation for fish.


CIWF investigates Polish trout farms to discover the immense suffering of fish farmed in appalling conditions.

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The action - (The action is closed now) 

We urged supporters of all age groups including children to engage by sending us drawings of how they imagine happy and healthy fish in nature, with their message to the European Commission.

We received an overwhelming response, with over 500 inspirational drawings from all over the EU and other parts of the world.

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What happens next?

Person dressed up in a fish out fit on a busy street

We will be showcasing the drawings in front of the European Commission building in Brussels on 07 February, 2024. The stunt will involve a mega-sized banner (that no one can miss!) creatively designed to present individual drawings with our combined message to the Commission – ‘We Want Stronger Legislation for Fish’.

We’ll also hand-deliver the drawings to the European Commission as a powerful expression of how EU citizens feel about fish welfare.

 We would also like to take the opportunity to thank every single one of you for taking part in the action. With your help and support we will continue fighting for fish!


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