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This third book from Philip Lymbery is a powerful, fast-paced journey presenting the unpalatable truth – that if we allow our global farming system to continue, we will only have 60 harvests left. We travel from Philip’s beloved and threatened Sussex countryside to farmed areas, including the USA’s barren mega cattle feedlots, which are turning the earth to dust. His incisive research and storytelling make it clear that Big Ag’s domination has destroyed our 10,000 year life giving contract with the soil.

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The picture is an undeniably bleak one. But Sixty Harvests Left presents readers with hope and solutions – the regenerative farming systems and the people behind them that work. These are visionary practices that respect our soil, wild and farmed animals and that will ultimately lead to a better future of our children.

All proceeds of Philip’s books go towards Compassion in World Farming.


Powerful, purposeful and persuasive, read Philip Lymbery’s book and we know what has to be done. It’s simple really, look after the land, farm it sensitively, tread softly on this earth and all can still be well. We need to transform ourselves rapidly. This book is transformative. We must read, mark and learn, fast.

Sir Michael Morpurgo

Beautifully crafted. A compelling, excoriating account of industrial farming – how it is driving the climate and biodiversity emergencies, while also undermining our health. Full of insights and encounters with pioneers of new ways of farming, Sixty Harvests Left is a call to action – to change our world from the ground up. A vitally necessary book.

Isabella Tree

The chilling title is the red flag; the contents, however, lay out all the remedies to save the planet and its species, including ours, and make for absorbing and sometimes terrifying reading. Minutely researched, and written for laymen as well as experts, Sixty Harvests Left reads like a thriller. It deserves to be read worldwide and acted upon immediately. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Dame Joanna Lumley

In this beautifully written book Philip Lymbery describes how intensive agriculture harms the environment and inflicts suffering on sentient animals. But after visiting with and talking to those on the front line – scientists, farmers and food providers, he is able to show that there are sustainable alternatives. And that they are working. There is indeed hope for the future of our planet, and each one of us can play a part. I urge you to read ‘Sixty Harvests Left’.

Dr Jane Goodall DBE,
Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

You can pre-order the book at Amazon or at your favourite book shop.

Read more about Philip Lymbery on his website.

Sixty harvests left: How to reach a nature-friendly future

Sixty harvests left: How to reach a nature-friendly future

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Sixty harvests left: How to reach a nature-friendly future

Available for pre-order at Amazon UK

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Sixty harvests left: How to reach a nature-friendly future

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