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Who we are

Compassion in World Farming International is the world’s leading farm animal welfare organisation. We believe that factory farming is by far the biggest cause of animal cruelty on Earth. And we are dedicated to ending it.

Changing the food system by ending factory farming and the overconsumption of industrially-produced meat can go a long way to slowing climate change and reversing the collapse of nature. It would also bring great benefits for animal welfare and the health of people.

Our work

Since its beginnings in the UK in the 1960s, Compassion has been making a difference to the lives of billions of farmed animals around the world. We work across Europe, in the USA and in China.

But we’re looking to expand our work further into Asia and you or your organisation could be at the forefront of farm animal welfare alongside us.

We are working towards two key strategic goals which need further work throughout Asia to achieve them. Our campaigns to create a global agreement to end factory farming and a world without caged farming will need stakeholders and organisations within Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea. We’re looking for all types of organisations to come on board to be the future of farm animal welfare in Asia.

The current global farming and food system is leading to deforestation, land use change, soil degradation, biodiversity loss, water overuse and pollution, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Many NGOs and individuals already focus on these climate change and biodiversity loss problems. We are ready to support all groups and individuals interested in expanding their remit to also include addressing the negative role that intensive animal agriculture plays in all of these problems.

Are you based in Indonesia, Japan or South Korea?

Cow and calf in a marshy field in Indonesia. The calf is suckling. Blue sky, palm trees and sand dunes in the background.

Do you work within areas such as farm animal advocacy, animal advocacy, climate change, environmental protection, or are you or your organisation looking to take your first steps into improving the lives of farmed animals?

If so, then we would like to connect with you to offer our support.

We can end factory farming by:

  • Changing farm practices that cause animals pain and suffering;
  • Changing diets toward eating more plants, less and better meat;
  • Changing the food system to one more in balance with nature

A global agreement to end factory farming and a world without caged farming will need:

  • Growth in the farm animal welfare movement in Asia. We want to build networks and new relationships in Asia. We’re asking you to help us in achieving our goals for farm animals throughout the world.
  • Our initial focus is on supporting organisations that work or wish to work to improve the lives of all species of farm animals: egg-laying hens, broilers, pigs, cows, and fish, to name just a few.

Funding the Future

Close up of upper half - head, neck, chest and tail - of a bantam chicken with grass in the background

During 2022, we are offering three different types of grants to organisations that are invested in improving their region’s farm animal welfare:

The aim of Compassion in World Farming International training grants is to support individuals and organisations in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea in growing their capacity or to take the first step towards being able to advocate for farmed animals.

We welcome applications for training grants in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Topics may cover a broad range of areas relevant to farm animal welfare, for example:

  • animal sentience and welfare
  • the impacts of factory farming
  • lobbying, Public Relations and social media
  • campaign planning
  • theories of change

We will award up to US$4,000 for each training grant. The grant is intended to cover the costs of organising training (including trainers, venue, materials) and of individuals attending (transport, accommodation).

The aim of Compassion in World Farming International organisational development grants is to support individuals and organisations in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea in establishing or expanding their ability to advocate for farm animals.

We welcome applications for organisational development grants in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Areas where you need support may cover a broad range of requirements, for example:

  • theories of change
  • organisational review
  • guidance on registration or creation of an entity
  • business planning
  • fund-raising strategy
  • communications and/or digital presence strategy
  • accounting and financial planning

We will award up to US$7,000 for each organisational development grant.

The aim of Compassion in World Farming International campaigning grants is to support individuals and organisations in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea in covering the costs of delivering campaigns which advocate for regional, national or local government action.

Our approach is to improve the lives of farmed animals by work that leads to government/local authority policy through grass roots public pressure, supported by lobbying and advocacy.

We will award up to US$9,000 for each campaigns grant.

How to apply

If you or the organisation that you work with wants to be a leader in driving change for farm animals in Asia, please fill in the Farm Animals in Asia: Funding the Future online form and/or find out more and contact us via the email address in our information pack. You can also read detailed information about the funding programme through our guidance notes. The guidance notes are also viewable in Bahasa, 日本語 or 한국어.

If you prefer, you can contact us or complete the form in your first language – we have local Grants Managers who can support you with this.

We won’t rest until the biggest cause of animal cruelty – factory farming – is ended for the benefit of animals, people and the planet. We hope that you’ll join us.

Do you have any experience undertaking activities to raise awareness of animal welfare issues, either directly or indirectly, and if so, in which country?


Do you have a bank account registered in your organisation's name which is able to receive grant funds from foreign sources?


If successful in this first stage, you will be invited to complete a Request for Proposal using a template. This would include providing information on your organisation's legal status and financial health for the purposes of due diligence as stated in the Guidance Notes.

By submitting this online application form you give CIWF your consent to process any personal data contained in your application for the purposes of CIWF evaluating and responding to your proposal. Should your proposal be successful the grant agreement to be entered into between you and CIWF will set out an appropriate privacy notice. CIWF will not share any personal data with any third party.


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