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Reports, Position Papers & Briefings

Breaking the taboo: why diets must change to tackle climate emergency

Food produces one third of greenhouse gas emissions – 75% of agriculture's emissions are from livestock

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Octopus Factory Farming: A Recipe for Disaster

Octopuses' exceptional characteristics make them uniquely unsuitable for intensive farming, and this report sets out the main reasons why this should never be allowed to happen.

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Charter for a healthy, humane and regenerative food policy

Transforming the World’s Food Systems to meet Climate Targets & the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Regenerative Agriculture: Nurture for Nature

Solutions for a healthy, humane and regenerative food system

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Hidden costs of industrial agriculture

Use of fiscal measures to encourage moves to regenerative agriculture and healthy, humane, sustainable diets

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Regenerative Farming: Snapshots of the Future

Glimpses into regenerative and innovative farming

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What kinds of animal agriculture will help us reach the Sustainable Developments Goals

Those that help and those that hinder

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Position paper on alternative proteins

A vital part of the solution in ending factory farming and transforming the global food system

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Position paper on insect farming

Industrial farming of insects will cause serious animal welfare and sustainability concerns

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Is the next pandemic on our plate?

Is the next pandemic on our plate? Our food system through the lens of COVID19

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