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A data dump of EU transport suffering exposed

Our report reveals that inadequate and misleading official records are masking the true horror and scale of the EU’s long-distance trade in farmed animals. 

Download (PDF 16.79MB)

2023 EU aquaculture investigation summary

Our new investigation reveals horrific cruelty in EU trout farms

Download (PDF 6.45MB)

Bird flu: only major farm reforms can end it

The latest strain of the avian influenza (also known as bird flu or avian flu) virus has claimed the lives of over half a billion farmed birds globally, since its emergence in…

Download (PDF 1.50MB)

When Animals Suffer, We All Suffer

The human costs of factory farming are higher than you think - this booklet outlines how our excessive appetite for animal-sourced foods is harming our health. 

Download (PDF 7.22MB)

More Money, More Meat: high income countries must lead on reduction

The world’s richest countries are eating their way to extinction. High income countries must lead on reducing the overconsumption of animal-sourced foods.

Download (PDF 13.45MB)

Α UN Global Agreement On Food Systems Transformation

To achieve global policy coherence and deliver crucial outcomes, we need an overarching UN Global Agreement on food systems transformation.

Download (PDF 0.10MB)

Uncovering the horrific reality of octopus farming

This report provides an analysis of plans for the world’s first octopus farm and reveals the cruelty and environmental damage they would cause to around a million animals every…

Download (PDF 2.09MB)

Factory Farming: Who benefits? - How a ruinous system is kept afloat

The role of 'Big Meat' in driving animal factory farming is to a degree well recognised. However, the role of the big input providers largely escapes attention. A substantial…

Download (PDF 0.89MB)

Rethinking EU Aquaculture: for people, animals and the planet

This report shows why the EU aquaculture industry should move away from intensive fish farming, towards extensive systems that are more sustainable, better for the environment and…

Download (PDF 8.17MB)

Breaking the taboo: why diets must change to tackle climate emergency

Food produces one third of greenhouse gas emissions – 75% of agriculture's emissions are from livestock

Download (PDF 0.57MB)

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