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Our Food Business programme influences the corporate policies of leading food companies to improve the welfare of farm animals in their supply; to rebalance their animal footprint; and to encourage a move towards more regenerative nature-friendly production systems.

We engage with market-leading food businesses – including half of the world’s top 250 food companies – across Europe, the US, Asia, and more globally through our partners’ supply chains.

To date, our work with food companies is set to benefit over 2.23 billion animals every year!

Pie chart showing over 2 billion animals set to benefit from pledges, awards, and partnership projects

Through our Rethinking Food programme, we help leading companies set meaningful and measurable reduction targets in the number of animals from intensive systems they use in their supply.

Our aim is to ensure all animals reared for food are in higher welfare systems and to encourage a reduction in the production and consumption of meat including fish, dairy, and eggs, in line with planetary-health guidelines.

Rethinking Food is a solutions-led programme, based on a growing body of evidence from science and best-case examples. We help companies benchmark their policies, rebalance their protein portfolio, create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain, and help assess their impact on key environmental measures and the number of animals in their supply.

Visit the Rethinking Food webpage to find out more.