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CIWF International Brand Guide

Compassion in world farming brand and visual ID guidelines

Welcome to the Compassion in World Farming Brand and Visual Identity Guidelines.

These guidelines are intended for use by staff and trusted suppliers of Compassion in World Farming. Our aim is to provide a user-friendly guide and the tools needed to apply and communicate consistently our global brand and visual identity.

Brand insight

CIWF brand values document cover. Three sheep in a field.

To understand our essence, core values, tone of voice, positioning, and approach, you can download insight into Compassion in World Farming's brand as a PDF.

Visual ID guidelines

Before using Compassion in World Farming logos and artwork, please download and read our International Visual ID Guidelines.

Logos and fonts

Download international logos and fonts.

We like our logo!

Please don’t change it. Please treat our logo with care and compassion and give it the space it needs.

Size matters

We want our logo to be seen. It can be as big as you like, but please don’t make it any smaller than 40mm wide (or 30mm for CIWF version).

Logos Actual Size

It’s a ‘free-range’ logo

Please don’t box our logo in; it needs breathing space from text, images and other graphic elements, such as third-party logos on joint projects.

The minimum clearance space on all sides of the logo is equal to the width and height of the capital letter ‘M’ in COMPASSION or the ‘W’ in CIWF:

117337_CIWF_logo clearance_1.jpg
117338_CIWF_logo clearance_2.jpg
117335_CIWF_Italia clearance.jpg
117339_CIWF_logo clearance_3.jpg

Common mistakes

Using backgrounds that affect legibility:

117330_CIWF_8_background colour.jpg

Boxing it in:

117329_CIWF_7_green box.jpg

Distorting by squashing, stretching or rotating:


Altering the colour or the typeface:

117328_CIWF_6_wrong colour.jpg
117323_CIWF_1_altered typeface.jpg

Re-arranging the elements:


Protected by trademark

The Compassion in World Farming International logo is a registered trademark:
UK Trade Mark Registration (UK Intellectual Property Office): 2472685
EU Community Trademark (OHIM – Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market): 007584551 and 007584451.

Contact details

Our aim is to continually update these pages and improve them over time. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please contact us.

Quick links

Download all logos and assets.

To request a logo modification please make an application using the Logo Modification Request Form.

Quick links to country-specific logos:









Imagery Guidelines

Before applying text or logo to images, please be mindful not to compromise legibility by using busy background images and colours.

Good Image Use

Clean, natural, bright & fresh – representing the environments we want farm animals to live in. In focus, high resolution, well photographed, engaging images that convey the value, sentience and beauty of farm animals.

Close ups, detail and unusual crops create a sense of intimacy and spontaneity; we particularly like the eyes of animals – they tell a story.

We use investigative photographs and film stills that expose the gritty horrors of factory farming; but nothing too gory so as to abide by fundraising/advertising standards. Remember that any ID tag must have the number obscured, so as to protect the investigator and the farm.

Montages of supporters in action – e.g. at events, demonstrations, on Twitter – are impactful and help support the feeling of our ‘movement’/voices coming together.

Use captions for credits and or to describe further information about the image. Text overlaid on images should be avoided and if used be minimal and illustrative only. Any text overlaid on an image must still be clearly legible on smaller screens such as mobile.

All images must have alternative text. This should describe the story of the picture, telling the Who, What and Where of the image.

If purchased from third-party libraries, you must credit photographers/agencies where required. The standard wording is: Photo © Name/Organisation.


Make sure the image is correct! E.g. When talking about broiler chickens, don’t use an image of an egg-laying hen; when talking about organic pigs, make sure their tails are intact. What we do is quite specific, so we have an extensive Image Library that reflects our activities: investigations, campaigns, research, farming, farm animals.

Make sure you have permission to reproduce the image in print and online – special licences are required for different media, e.g. commercial licences are required if we are selling merchandise that has a stock photo (t-shirts, cards etc).

What to avoid

Images that risk making the organisation look foolish, amateurish or unprofessional; and that misrepresent the truth: Low resolution, out of focus, ‘busy’ images that lack focus.

Using over-artworked images, clip art, and low-quality stock photos that don’t reflect our professionalism. Images that are too cute or anthropomorphic.

Occasional cut-outs of individual animals, front-facing – for raffle stickers, SET posters, FAV are acceptable – but never a group, floating in mid-air, or facing away from the text.


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If you have any further questions regarding this, or any other matter, please get in touch with us at We aim to respond to all queries within two working days. However, due to the high volume of correspondence that we receive, it may occasionally take a little longer. Please do bear with us if this is the case. Alternatively, if your query is urgent, you can contact our Supporter Engagement Team on +44 (0)1483 521 953 (lines open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).