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Historic vote for animals in Italy

News Section Icon Published 2/10/2022

Lamb Istock

The Italian Parliament has voted to include environment and animal protection in the Italian Constitution for the first time – an historic step that will help improve the lives of millions of animals and preserve the environment.

This landmark vote in the Italian Lower Chamber will make it possible to appeal to the Constitution when campaigning for farmed animals in the ‘interest of future generations.’

Huge step in the right direction

"This is an amazing result,” says Annamaria Pisapia, Director of our Italian Office. “Because of this change, we will be able to reference the Italian Constitution when advocating for farm animals and call for an end to factory farming. It’s a huge step in the right direction, and it will have a massive impact on the effectiveness of our campaigns.”

During the same vote, an additional article of the Constitution was amended to include environmental criteria, ensuring that economic private initiative “cannot take place in conflict with social utility or in a way that could damage health, the environment, safety, freedom, human dignity.”

These amendments to the Italian Constitution have huge potential, paving the way for significant progress to come for both the environment and animals.