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Latest Report Of The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change

News Section Icon Published 2/28/2022

Compassion's Response 

Peter Stevenson, Chief Policy Advisor at Compassion in World Farming said:

"Today’s IPCC report (28th February) is a stark reminder that we must act urgently to protect our planet and turn the tide on our climate crisis."

"The report highlights that one of the most impactful ways countries can do this is by moving away from industrial farming methods that produce significant greenhouse gas emissions and leave people competing for land and resources, and towards sustainable and regenerative systems that work in harmony with nature and protect local ecosystems."

“As individuals, consuming less meat, fish, and dairy is also hugely important. Factory farming takes a substantial toll on the earth as well as the welfare of animals – whether from the vast swathes of forestry cleared to rear them; the large quantities of soy and cereals needed to feed them; and the pollution generated by factory farming that poison our soil and waterways. The food we consume should come from sustainable sources where carbon emissions are low. In particular, we should move to predominantly plant-based diets with only modest amounts of meat. 

“By making simple changes to our diets and using agroecological farming methods that work in harmony with the environment, we can a help reverse the climate crisis and protect our planet for generations to come.” 

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